Due to the increased number of inquiries, we have re-evaluated our current policy regarding chain store discounts.These discounts will apply to chain stores that consist of 10 or more locations, unless approved by Amy or Dave.

Please find the new policy outlined below:

  • Each location must carry 4 Green Kamut or Just Barley SKU’s.

  • Each location must carry 8 Pure Planet SKU’s.

  • Each location will receive 20% off the everyday low price on all Pure Planet branded products.

  • Each location will receive 25% off the everyday low price on all Green Kamut or Just Barley branded products. 

  • Quarterly specials will apply to Pure Planet, Green Kamut, and Just Barley brands if the discount is greater than their base discounts.

  • Each location is entitled to 1 “Pure Planet Super Saver” a year.The discounts for the “Pure Planet Super Saver” allow a 25% off all Pure Planet branded products and 30% off all Green Kamut and Just Barley branded products.There are no case quantity requirements.

  • Each new location opening order will be given the “Pure Planet Super Saver” discounts. There are no case quantity requirements for their opening order.

  • Each location will be placed on Net 30 terms.

  • Each chain will be given staff training as needed at their locations by our naturopath doctor.