1) Question: What are other uses for the Tart Cherry/Organic Tart Cherry not related to better Sleep.

Answer: There are more uses for the Tart Cherry/Organic Tart Cherry than space to list them. So we will list the top 3.

  1. It is a great combatant of Gout. Gout is caused by to much Uric acid in the body the Ellagic acid found in out Tart Cherries are a natural antidote for Uric acid.
  2. Our Tart Cherries are high in anti-inflammatory properties that greatly help reduce swelling and inflammation as well as joint stiffness.
  3. Can help reduce aging by up to 80% based on the ORAC scale. As well as reduces risk/probability of breast cancer.

2) Question: Does our Tart Cherry contain the genus species Prunus Cerasus?

Answer: Yes, our Tart Cherry is Prunus Cerasus.