1) Question: How often should I take spirulina and chlorella?

Answer: The spirulina and chlorella can both be taken daily. It is important to follow the minimum and maximum dosage for each as listed on the product label.

2) Question: What should be part of my daily regimen?

Answer: A daily regimen should include a healthy dose of greens. The Best of Greens, Biofruit, Tart Cherry, MAP’s, and Daily Fiber Blend would make a good daily regimen as it covers your fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins.

3) Question: Can I mix any products together and take at once?

Answer: You can mix our products and take them together safely, however for maximum effectiveness they should be taken alone or as suggested on our label.

4) Question: What time of day is it best to take greens?

Answer: The best time to take our greens is in the A.M. or between meals for maximum effectiveness.

5) Question: Have we ever considered packaging the Plant Proteins in individual packets for people to have on the go?

Answer: Yes, it has been considered but we choose not to contribute to the environmental pollution in land fills with additional wrappers from the used packaging that would be required to make this happen. This is why we use glass bottles for a lot of our products.

6) Question: Can a person consume too much Vitamin C?

Answer: It is water soluble so the body will release it. Too much Vitamin C can result in diarrhea, but there is no standard amount that would be considered "too much".

7) Question: Are the capsules for your products made with ‘HPMC’?

Answer: Yes. Veggie caps are two-piece hard shell capsules, which are formulated and manufactured from HPMC (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose). HPMC is made of cellulose, a non-animal raw material, which complies with our customers who have cultural or vegetarian requirement. The capsules are certified with Kosher and Halal.

8) Question: What if the protein is too sweet?

Answer: Mix with unsweetened almond or coconut milk. Mix with unflavored Cacao to add additional antioxidant and energy support. Mix with part water and part almond milk or other milk substance. Add a banana.

9) Question: How do you make the protein sweeter?

Answer: Add sweetened almond or coconut milk, add fruit, xyilitol, or herb sweetener, or use less water.

10) Question: Can children take the Red Marine Algae?

Answer: Yes, at one a day.