Sometimes, you will get customers who call and want to know why the powder levels in their containers are lower than they might expect. There are a few simple explanations for this:

1. The powder has settled.

Oftentimes, it's as simple as the powder settling to fill the space at the bottom of the container. The looser and more fluffy the powder, the more likely this is to happen.

2. The container is larger than it needs to be

If the container is larger than it needs to be to contain the amount of powder we seek to include in the product, it will appear as though there is not enough powder in the container. Assure that customer that the container is larger than necessary for the powder.

The MVP Kids, for instance, was first sold in a container about 1.5x the size it needed to be, which results in it looking like it is not full.

3. There really is less powder than there should be

This is the final possibility, and one that could happen, so should not be discounted out of hand; mis-fills do happen. If you suspect that the customer did not receive the appropriate amount of powder, fill out a QC form and issue a replacement.