At times, we are obligated to pay the return shipping for an order that was shipped erroneously, arrived damaged, or arrived with incorrect items as a result of our error. In these cases, we create a FedEx return label to allow the customer to send the items back to us without having to pay for shipping.

A few rules with regard to return labels:

1. Never issue a return label to a Canadian or international address. We do not want to incur the customs fees for bringing products back over international borders.

2. Always use the cheapest shipping method (FedEx Ground). There is almost never a good reason to use a faster shipping method for a return label.

3. Always record the tracking number for the label on the account for which the label is being created.

To process a return label, follow these steps:

1. Go to and login. Our current FedEx credentials are

Username: PuriumHealthProducts1
Password: PuriumHealth3

Please note that these are case sensitive.

2. On the page after logging in, select "Create a Return Shipment" from the "Ship" dropdown box.

3. Begin filling out the return shipment form. The first box, "Return Package To" should read as follows:

 4. The next box, "Return Package From", should include the customer's information:

5. The next box, "Package & Shipment Details", should read as follows:

6. The next box, "Return Options" should be filled out with more of the customer's info (Note: the phone # here must not included dashes or spaces). Always include return instructions, and triple check that the email you have entered is correct, since that is how the customer will receive their label.

It is advised that you make the label accessible for at least 4 weeks from the current date.

7. The next box, Billing Details, only needs to have one field filled, and that is the "RMA" field. Just enter the order number that is coming back.

8. After this DOUBLE CHECK YOUR WORK. Make sure the email address is correct, and click "Ship".

9. Assuming you did everything properly, you should see this page. Note that the "From" address is the customer's, since they are sending us the products in this case. If you are satisfied with the information provided, hit Ship again.

10. Finally, you should get a confirmation page. Make sure to copy down the tracking number at the bottom and paste it into the customer's notes on their account.