I want to make sure that everyone is aware of our process and how long it should take for a refund to be processed, so that if it has already been 1-2 weeks, you know that the situation needs to be escalated. Here is how our returns process currently runs:

1. Return is received by SPX at either our Forest, Virginia or Ontario, California location. The day it is received, assuming it is received on a business day, SPX documents each return and provides us with a spreadsheet of the returns every few hours during the day. This means that the information we are getting is never more than 24 hours old.

2. Return is uploaded to customer service portal for processing. At night, all the returns received by SPX for the day are uploaded to our returns portal, at which point they are handled by Agent Support. Handling involves: recording the items returned, processing a refund, and creating a return order in the system that generates a clawback for the uplines. This is all handled the day after the returns are uploaded.

3. Refund is processed and posts to customer account. This is the part of the process we have the least control over. Once Agent Support processes a refund, it may take 3-4 business days for the refund to finally post to the customer’s account and be visible to them. We cannot change how long this takes.

There you have it. All told, it takes no more than 5 business days for a typical return to be processed by us and to post to the customer’s account.

It is critically important that you understand this timeframe. When a customer calls and tells us that we received their return 2 weeks ago, and we have no record of it, this should sound warning bells and let you know that this matter needs to be escalated immediately.