Each year, Purium provides 1099 forms to all its Members who have earned at least $600 in commissions. These forms are issued based on the information we have on file, which means that we will use whichever name, tax ID number, email, and address that have been provided to us. As such, if your name, tax ID number, or address are incorrect, your 1099 will also be incorrect.

To file for a correction to your 1099, please submit a signed and fill out W9 form (attached to this article) either to support@puriumcorp.com or print and mail it to:

Purium Health Products

1495 Seabright Ave

Long Beach, CA 90813

Purium sends both physical and digital copies of the 1099 to all customers who need it. The physical copies are mailed during the first week of February, and the digital copies are emailed out at the end of January. This is done through a service called Avalara. Please make sure you check your jump and spam filters for the email if you are expecting to receive a 1099 from us.