There are a number of ways in which international addresses are tricky on our end.

The most basic of these is that we have no way of verifying international addresses, so it is critically important to confirm the address multiple times and make sure that the spelling and other information is all accurate according to the customer's desires.

Additionally, if the address contains a postal code with 3 or more characters, Exigo will not accept that address, and there is a workaround to get it to work without the Postal code.

 To process an international order when the destination state or province is 3 or more letters, follow the following steps.

1. Edit the customer's mailing address to match the address to which they want to ship the order. In the case of the address below, Exigo will not allow the order to process because New South Wales (NSW) is a three digit state/province code.

We need to remove the "New South Wales" part and replace it with a blank. It should look like the picture below:

2. From there, simply process the order as usual, making sure to select the correct address (the one without a state/province code) at the time of address selection.

3. If you get an error when attempting to select the "International Priority" shipping method, usually you can just jump to another tab in the ordering process, and when you try to get the International Priority rate again, it should work.