Item codes:

7899 – $50 Core3 Loyalty Gift Card  (included in Core3 enrollment and BB packs)

7898 – $50 Loyalty Gift Card Applied (applies the $50/40BV discount)

Loyalty Gift Card Program

1. The member has to purchase an Enrollment Pack or Business Building Pack that contains the Loyalty Gift Card

a. Exigo has it hardcoded to look for any purchases with item code 7899 and then the Loyalty Gift Card Program process begins for that member

2. The member then has to purchase a Loyalty Core3 Item for the next 3 Consecutive months

a. Any Core3 or Transformation pack that contains – Super Amino, Apothe-Cherry, Shake qualifies as a Loyalty Core3 item

b. These are all flagged in Exigo Admin Item database

3. When a Loyalty Core3 item is purchased for qualifying members – Volume bucket 84 will start filling

a. Volume Bucket 84. Consecutive Loyalty Orders: This bucket will sum up the total number of orders they've purchased and what consecutive month they are currently on (ie. if they have a 2 it means they have purchased it in the current month and in the previous month).

4. If a Member misses purchasing in one of the Consecutive months – Volume bucket 85 will fill with a 1

a. Volume Bucket 85. Loyalty Disqualified: This bucket updates with a 1 if the person has broken their consecutive months by a return or by not making a purchase.  It will prevent them from getting qualified again.

5. Once a member has purchases a Loyalty Core3 Item for 3 Consecutive months – Volume bucket 86 will fill with a 1

a. Volume Bucket 86. Qualified for Loyalty Credit: if a person earns a 3 in bucket 84 (so this will update once they have placed their 3rd order) this bucket will update with a 1 for the order calc engine to add the credit on their next order.

6. In the 5th month after initially purchasing a Pack with the Loyalty Gift Card and 3 consecutive months of Loyalty Core3 Item purchases >> the next Core3 purchase will automatically have the $50/40BV reduced from the order (item code 7898)

a. Month 1 – Pack with Loyalty Gift Card

b. Month 2 -Loyalty Core3 Item Purchase

c. Month 3 -Loyalty Core3 Item Purchase

d. Month 4 -Loyalty Core3 Item Purchase

e. Month 5 -Loyalty Core3 Item Purchase automatically reduced by $50/40BV

Autoresponders have been set up and will start sending once the programming is deployed

1. Email 1 – The purchase of the Qualifying Pack

a. This is sent out on the 1st day of the month following the purchase of a pack with a Loyalty Gift Card

2. Email 2 – In danger of losing the Loyalty Gift card

a. This sent out on the 22nd of months 2,3, and 4 – to any member that has purchased a pack with a Loyalty Card and hasn’t yet made their Loyalty Core3 Item purchase yet.

3. Email 3 – Earned the Loyalty Gift Card

a. This is sent out on the 1st of month 5 – when the Loyalty Gift card has been Activated.

4. Email 4 – In danger of not using the Loyalty Gift card

a. This is sent out on the 22nd of month 5 – when the member hasn’t yet purchased a Loyalty Core3 item and will lose their $50 credit by the end of the month