As part of an effort to rectify some outstanding tax ID number mismatches, we will be issuing B Notices to certain Purium members whose tax information is either inaccurate or incomplete. If you are affected by this, you should receive a form in your email address on file called a "B Notice" (it is also attached to this announcement post).

To rectify this, you must complete a W9 Form (attached to this announcement post) and then either:

1. Email it to us at

2. Mail it to 1542 Seabright Ave, Long Beach, CA, 90813

3. Fax it to 1-562-901-9575

Or, you can simply give us a call at 888-747-6733 and provide the required information over the phone (the name and Tax ID number under which you wish to receive commissions).

If you do not respond to us by June 30th with the required information, we are required by law to withhold 28% from all commission payments that we pay.